A Scientific Analysis of Information
Channeled by Edgar Cayce


William Hutton and Jonathan Eagle
John C. Munday Jr., Editor/Contributor

Edgar Cayce, America�s best documented psychic, gave upwards of 44 "readings" that dealt with lost continents, geophysical changes to Earth beginning 1958-1998, and a pole shift due to begin about now. In this book, geologist William Hutton and researcher Jonathan Eagle look for correspondences between results of geophysical research studies and psychic descriptions of prehistoric catastrophes. They also scientifically test the readings� predictions of catastrophic Earth changes, while investigating the following fascinating subjects:


From the Foreword by the Editor: �The acid test of pole shift and other Earth change predictions is their scientific credibility. If true, momentous societal and political changes are imminent. The geopolitical map of the world will be redrawn. The authors are exploring the transition from the end of one Age to the beginning of another.�

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