The Hutton Commentaries' Archives

As of December 31, 2012 Dr. Wyman Harrison, aka. William Hutton, is no longer available to provide his professional expertise for the production of new articles and bulletins for the Hutton Commentaries website (THC). Therefore, until another qualified geologist is able to take his place, THC has discontinued the production of new professional content, and the website has assumed this reconfigured format.

Due to popular demand, many of the original articles and an abbreviated version of the Earth Change Monitor section are being made available as a reference. The Bulletin service has been discontinued and, because of the bulletin's time-dependent nature, the bulletins have been taken off-line. Likewise, only those automated features in the Earth Change Monitor section will continue to be made available; those sections that required geological analysis will no longer be accessible.

While no new, professionally written articles will be forthcoming in the near future, the webmaster will try to keep readers of the site alerted to news-worthy events. Notices of interesting or important earth-change events will be posted on this page as the webmaster becomes aware of them.