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Wrong Paw and the Wrong Place

by Norman Scherer
THC subscriber

The interesting THC bulletin " Is A Hall Of Records In Any Of The Caves Beneath The Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt?", gives a good illustration of why many researchers, who look for a "Hall of Records" would do well to actually study what the Cayce readings say. Andrew Collins, author of The Cygnus Mystery, is quoted in the ViewZone article as stating that he,

...suspects that the caves extend beneath the Second Pyramid, where ancient tradition puts the legendary Tomb of Hermes, Egypt's legendary founder. This is significant because Hermes is known as the Great Wisdom Bringer and Collins suspects that the chambers could possibly reveal something left behind by Hermes -- something like the legendary Hall of Records.This has never been found. So perhaps it is still there, awaiting discovery......I do believe that the caves that we have entered are part of a much larger complex that stretches right beneath the entire Giza plateau....

The author of the article goes on to speculate,

From the entrance of the caves it appears that you can travel towards the Second Pyramid and directly under the spot where the Cygnus star, Deneb, would be aligned with the three pyramids and the wings of Cygnus. Is this where we will find the famed "Hall of Records"? Will the Egyptian government allow the world to know about what's really there? Why are they being so secretive?

What do you think of this?

The answer to the last question is easy: not much! But let's begin with the first question, Is this where we will find the famed "Hall of Records"? Apparently Collins seems to think the Hall of Records is located under the star Deneb in his Cygnus constellation overlay of Giza. My first observation is the manner in which Cygnus is pictured. The way the first two illustrations are sequenced (Orion overlay first, then Cygnus) you get the impression that Deneb (and therefore the Hall of Records) is located in front of the 2nd pyramid. This is accomplished by inverting the follow-up image. I have circled the Sphinx in both pictures to illustrate the reversal: Plan view of the Giza Plateau showing how the three "belt stars" of Orion would look if scaled to fit the pyramids. constellation Cygnus and the star Deneb shown overlaying an inverted image of the Giza Plateau (North is down)

Without realizing the location of the Sphinx, the second picture gives the impression that the pyramids are aligned in the same manner as the first picture, because they are attempting to illustrate that Cygnus is a better "fit" than Orion. However, by locating the Sphinx in both pictures, one can see the reversal. Deneb is behind the 2nd Pyramid, not in front of it. I'm not sure if this was intentional but the effect is for your mind to think that Deneb is located between the 2nd Pyramid and the Sphinx and this is not the case.The author also describes various snippets of Cayce readings about the Hall of Records but never actually quotes one detailing its location. For example, we read that,

The records extend through the first destructions of that ancient civilization, the exodus of Atlanteans to other lands, and the final destruction of Atlantis. They contain a description of the building of the Great Pyramid, as well as a prophecy of "who, what, where, would come [to make] the opening of the records."

The last phrase, beginning with "who, what, where....", is from Cayce reading 378-16 and it's a shame that the rest of the reading was not quoted because here we find a description of where the Hall of Records is located:

...with who, what, where, would come the opening of the records that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis; for with the change it must rise (the temple) again.

This in position lies, as the sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx, that was later set as the sentinel or guard, and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's paw (right paw) until the TIME has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience. Between, then, the Sphinx and the river.


Other Cayce readings also support this location:

In the information as respecting the pyramids, their purpose in the experience of the peoples, in the period when there was the rebuilding of the priest during the return in the land, some 10,500 before the coming of the Christ into the land, there was first that attempt to restore and to add to that which had been begun on what is called the Sphinx, and the treasure or storehouse facing same, between this and the Nile, in which those records were kept by Arart and Araaraart in the period.


The entity aided in those activities, being among the children of the Law of One from Atlantis; AIDING the Priest in that preparation, in that manner of building the temples of records that lie just beyond that enigma that still is the mystery of mysteries to those who seek to know what were the manners of thought of the ancient sons who made man - a beast - as a part of the consciousness.


In the one then before this we find in that period in that land now known as the Egyptian, when there were the divisions in the land, and when there were those turmoils.....the entity remained as one not active in the affairs either political or the affairs of the State, yet with the RETURN - and the re-establishing of the associations of the land and the peoples with those that land would aid, the entity then builded the FIRST of the pyramids that are yet not uncovered.....

(Q) In referring to the uncovered pyramids in the Egyptian land, near what present place are these pyramids?
(A) Between that as is known as the Mystery of the Ages and the river.


.....for the later pyramids, or those yet not uncovered, that has been spoken of, are BETWEEN the Sphinx (or the Mystery) AND the Nile, or the river.....


Without question, one can plainly read that the Hall of Records is located somewhere in the rather large area between the Sphinx and the Nile River. It is also obvious that there are apparently many pyramids that are yet to be uncovered, not just one as is commonly believed. Satellite image of the area between the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Nile River

Although the readings quoted above do not specify an exact location, we can at least surmise that records are located in front of the Sphinx. The caves that Andrew Collins has located are behind the 2nd Pyramid which is already well behind the Sphinx itself (see red arrow): Giza Plateau showing the how the constellations Cygnus would look if scaled down and overlain on the pyramids.
A red arrow indicates the star Deneb.

The placement of Deneb in Collins' star-map overlay of Giza, precludes it from being anywhere near the location of the Hall of Records according to readings quoted above. A more interesting constellation possibility is Lyra which contains the star Vega, the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere. Using the star-map overlay of Cygnus, but expanding the map to include Lyra, one can see how it lines up due east of the Sphinx where the "sun rises from the waters" and is located "between....the Sphinx and the river". Cayce reading 5748-6 states that the Great Pyramid was built from 10490BC to 10390BC and this just happened to be the time when Vega, through precession, was the northern polestar. Same as the previous image, except that the constellation of Lyra is added to show its position to the east and in front of the Sphinx.

The Hawass-Lehner team also seems to be in the business of discrediting the Cayce readings at every opportunity without actually reading them. In their latest adventure Drilling Under the Sphinx, our heroes are busy drilling holes under the Sphinx left paw:

Dr. Lehner tells us that, despite the hopes and sometimes insistence of some members of the New Age community, no secret tunnels, hidden rooms, or Halls of Atlantean Records were located, despite many holes drilled from a multitude of angles. In fact, it is probably no accident we were allowed to witness the drilling under the left paw, as one of the more popular legends has a secret compartment hidden beneath the Sphinx's paws.

As noted in reading 378-16, it is the Sphinx right paw that has the connecting chambers, not the left one. This is also repeated in reading 5748-6:

When there was the entrance of Arart and Araaraart, they begin to build upon those mounds which were discovered through research. With the storehouse, or record house (where the records are still to be uncovered), there is a chamber or passage from the right forepaw to this entrance of the record chamber, or record tomb. This may not be entered without an understanding, for those that were left as guards may NOT be passed until after a period of their regeneration in the Mount, or the fifth root race begins.

(5748-6; July 1, 1932)

It is really astonishing that Dr. Lehner is unaware of what paw the connecting chambers are located beneath the Sphinx. All the Cayce reading quotes that I used in this bulletin were gleaned from an invaluable resource of Cayce readings: The Egyptian Heritage, published in 1974 by the ARE Press and authored by none other than our very own Mark Lehner.