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2010-09-08The Current Islam Vs. Christianity Religious War - Reincarnation Theory Brings Understanding Of Its Origins
2010-05-15Partial Verification Of A 1936 Edgar Cayce Psychic Reading About A Huge Volcanic Eruption And Follow-On Earthquakes
2009-03-24How A New Global Earth Changes Cycle Could Develop
2007-01-12Will Earth Changes Destroy Storage Sites For America's Nuclear Bombs And Bomb-Production Wastes?
2006-10-09Man's March Toward A Broadened Middle East War
2005-04-02Garabandal Visions Will Soon Be Tested - Following The Death Of Pope John Paul II
2005-01-06The Catastrophic Sumatra Earthquake Was A Post-1998, Cayce-Readings' Type, “Earth Change”
2004-03-08Will Mt. Vesuvius Erupt Soon?
2003-12-30Which Portions Of Ohio, Indiana, And Illinois Will Be Safety Lands?
2003-09-30The Causes Of Earthquakes
2003-08-28Visionary Predictions That Point To An Imminent, Age-Ending Fire - A Fire That Will Consume Humanity's Unfaithful
2003-04-01Signs Of The Predicted Pole Shift And Earth Changes
2002-12-31Tales From The December 2002 Meeting Of The American Geophysical Union (AGU)
2002-12-08America's Uncertain Food Security, And How One Can Prepare For A Diminished Food Supply
2002-11-11The Message Of The Alaskan Earthquake And Ecuador's Volcanoes
2002-09-01Nuclear Materials, Terrorism, And Changes In The Earth's Surface In North America
2002-05-03Solar Heats, Droughts And Plagues, And The Transition From The Piscean To The Aquarian Cycle - Including Thoughts On What To Do About Ourselves
2002-03-24Sea-Level Change In The Vicinity Of A.R.E. Headquarters - Now Until 2025
2002-03-07New Hypothesis Provides A Basis For The Reality Of The Legendary Continents Of Atlantis And Lemuria
2001-11-12One-year Anniversary Of The Equatorial South Pacific\'s Paroxysm Of Intense Seismicity
2001-08-30Plutonium And The Possible Fate Of The Southern Portions Of South Carolina And Georgia
2001-05-30Lust, Pornography, Los Angeles Faults, And...oh Yes...Earth Changes.
2001-05-19The Approaching Religious War And Its Potentially Sudden Termination
2001-05-02Earthquake & Volcano Potpourri
2001-03-20"In Line of Those Areas To Rise..." (Effects of the East Coast Fault Zone)
2001-02-01Scientists, In Their Own Words...
2001-01-01Tres Amigos - Indicator Volcanoes For Coming Earth Changes
2000-12-05Tokyo And Tokai At The Brink
2000-11-10Could Giant Waves Hit Atlantic Shores?
2000-10-27Past Quakes Raise Future Concerns