Earth Change Monitors


There are three monitors that have been retained from the time when the Hutton Commentaries website was active. These monitors are being made available because the data acquision for them is an automatic process which takes little or no human interaction to make available.

The Polar Earthquake monitor graphically displays the locations, magnitudes and depths of all the quakes greater than M4.0 that have occured near the Earth's poles in the last 30 days. It is updated daily.

The Chandler's Wobble graphic displays the path traced out by the Earth's rotational axis for a period of four plus years. This graphic differs from the original polar motion monitor in that it is not animated. However, while the graphic is just a static image of the pole's motion, it is updated daily as opposed to monthly as it was on the original site.

The Historic Polar Motion monitor displays various user-selectable animated images depicting the motion of the north polar axis from 1846 - 2009. This part of the Hutton Commentaries Monitor section is just as it was on the original website, and each selection will continue to be animated.

As time and money become available this Monitor section will attempt to add a new section listing active torrid-area volcanoes. The section will depend on finding a reliable, comprehensive, and queryable database of world wide volcanic activity. If viewers of this website are aware of such a database, or have constructive suggestions as to how they would like to see the data displayed, please feel free to send me, an email.