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Visionary Predictions That Point To
An Imminent, Age-Ending Fire
A Fire That Will Consume
Humanity's Unfaithful


By now we are all familiar with those markers of the transition between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages, so robustly described in the Edgar Cayce readings. These include a shift in the position of the Earth's rotational axis and attendant changes to land-sea boundaries and crustal elevations that will accompany the shift in the poles. (See our article entitled, "A Small Pole Shift Can Produce Most, If Not All, Of The Earth Changes Predicted In Cayce's Readings.") But what direct impacts, if any, can be expected to humanity itself, on a worldwide scale?

This article begins by presenting the only Cayce reading that indicates that the end of the present “cycle” of humanity will be by fire. It then moves to an expanded explanation of just what the origin and nature of this fire will be, as presented by Phylos the Tibetan. Phylos's presentation is severe, and full of karmic penalty. But in many ways it has the feel of the Cayce Earth changes readings. This correspondence may have something to with the fact that a friend had sent Cayce a copy of Phylos's book, and Cayce had read it. (This anecdotal information was supplied by Mae St. Claire, now deceased.)

The article ends with a presentation of the fire of the Chastisement that comes to us from the visionary experiences of four girls of Garabandal, Spain, in 1961-1964. The girls' apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Archangel St. Michael, and of the potential fire of chastisement to be dispensed on humanity by God have a special appeal. This is so with respect to the final fire, because the apparitions allow for some conditionality in the necessity of the chastisement. A lack of necessity for the chastisement will depend upon humanity's response to two, imminent divine events -- a global warning to each person on the planet, followed shortly thereafter by a miracle in Garabandal.

A Reading's Warning For The Sons of Men

A Cayce reading also has a warning of sorts for mankind.

In May of 1944, as WWII against the Axis was beginning to move in the Allies favor, sleeping Cayce was recorded as saying,

What is needed most in the Earth today? That the sons of men be warned that the day of the Lord is near at hand, and that those that have been and are unfaithful must meet themselves in those things which come to pass in their experience.

5148-2; May 29, 1944

Faith (pistis) in the New Testament means more than belief. It means understanding on a level other than a literal one. For example, when the disciples took something said by Christ in its sensual or literal sense, Christ told them that they had little faith (Matthew 16: 5-12). The mistake of being "unfaithful" in the reading immediately above is that lack of faith leads to an inner condition that requires us to repeatedly encounter "adverse" experiences until we can understand life in a new way.

Hence the necessity....that the faith [higher understanding] a divinity that is WITHIN be held -- that shapes the destinies of individual experiences in such a way that the opportunities that come....are those things which if taken correctly make for the greater soul development.

1300-1; November, 1936

The predictions below all require us to try to engage an understanding that comes from a level higher than the one with which we encounter ordinary life. It seems urgent that we at least make ourselves aware of the nature of this higher level of understanding.


Our departure point for this “end times” article is Cayce reading 3653-1, given January 7, 1944 for a 28-year-old Protestant housewife. (I will be using a red font to emphasize words such as fire, solar heats, and the like in the psychic information cited throughout this article. I will be using a green font and brackets to indicate my explanatory comments at appropriate places within the cited materials.)

For the entity has appeared when there were new revelations to be given. And again it appears that there are new revelations to be made.

[The revelations from Garabandal seem clearly to be in accord with “the new revelations” of this statement.]

May the entity so conduct its mind, its body and its purposes, then, as to be a channel through which such messages may come that are needed for the awakenings in the minds of men as to the necessity for returning to the search for their relationship with the Creative Forces or God.

For as has been given from the beginning, the deluge was not a myth (as many would have you believe) but a period when man had so belittled himself with the cares of the world, with the deceitfulness of his own knowledge and power, as to require that there be a return to his dependence wholly -physically and mentally - upon the Creative Forces.

Will this entity see such again occur in the earth? Will it be among those who may be given those directions as to how, where, the elect may be preserved for the replenishing again of the earth?

Remember, not by water - for it is the mother of life in the earth - but rather by the elements, fire.

In commenting on the veracity of Cayce's source for this reading, we note that the requester was unprepared for the revelation that came at the beginning of her reading where Cayce's voice intoned,

What an unusual record - and one of those who might be termed as physically the mothers of the world! For the entity was one of those in the ark.

Cayce was contacting the akashic records about the requestor's prior incarnations at the beginning of the reading. As the reading progressed, it became more and more apparent that Cayce was contacting a very high source, perhaps the highest, or Universal Force. I could find no reasons for the Cayce channel not being a clear one. (See criteria for judging Cayce's channeled information in “The Sources and Veracity of Edgar Cayce's Readings.”)

My conclusion, therefore, is that reading 3653-1 is truthful and not “wavered” to any discernable degree.


To expand our understanding of the mention of fire above we will begin by quoting extensively from Phylos's book, A Dweller On Two Planets, Or The Dividing Of The Way.1Phylos the Tibetan was a master in the spirit plane who dictated his book through a 17-year-old amanuensis, F.S. Oliver. An amanuensis is one employed to write from dictation. The dictations began in 1884 while Oliver was “in sight of the inspiring peak of Mount Shasta.”

Because Phylos's soul had been in the realm symbolized by Venus, between its incarnations in Atlantis and America, he titled his book A Dweller on Two Planets. The book is referred to simply as Two Planets in the following Cayce reading:

Atlantis as a continent is a legendary tale. Whether or not that which has been received through psychic sources has for its basis those few lines given by Plato, or the references made in Holy writ that the earth was divided, depends upon the trend of individual minds. Recently, however, the subject has taken on greater import, since some scientists have declared that such a continent was not only a reasonable and plausible matter, but from evidences being gradually gathered was a very probable condition.

As we recognize, there has been considerable given respecting such a lost continent by those channels such as the writer of Two Planets, or Atlantis - or Poseida and Lemuria – that has been published through some of the Theosophical literature. As to whether this information is true or not, depends upon the credence individuals give to this class of information.

364-1; February 3, 1932

An important qualification to Phylos's forecast for America was given in Cayce reading 282-5, a year after the first reference to Phylos's book.

(Q) Is the book "A Dweller on Two Planets" by Phylos the Tibetan based on truth, especially in its forecast for the United States of pages 418 to 422? (GD's note: Pages different in later editions.) [Pages 433-436 in Hutton's version.]

(A) As viewed by an entity separated from the whole, yes. As TRUTH, that may be implied by one that looks only to the Lamb, to the Son as a leader, no. Choose thou.

In a departure from the implied conditionality of America's forecast in the reading immediately above, we are saying that, today, the chances for Phylos's prediction being correct seem to have increased markedly. (Reading 282-5 was given 70 years ago on March 2, 1933.) Phylos's prediction for America was added to the end of his book around 1900 A.D. It is titled, “The Mighty Cap-Stone.” Phylos speaks several times about both an age-ending and an Earth-ending fire in his long prediction.

The Final Fire Is Not The Impending, Age-Ending Fire

The final fire. Phylos provides background to the ultimate Earth-ending fire, which he says will come when the last human race perishes from fire and the Earth is “blasted and rolled together as a scroll.”

Behold the psychic record of the past, the concrete history of the world, imperishable until Time shall be no more. Wouldst thou read of the first destruction of Poseid [Poseidia of the Cayce readings]? Seek it in thy Bible, and find it as the Noachian deluge. Wouldst learn of the destruction of Lemorus that great people who were in the Earth before the Age of Ice [before the Pleistocene epoch], when the world knew no cold, nor snow, nor frost; who antedated Poseid by countless ages? Turn to the book of Job and read how the “deep boiled like a pot,” and reading thou shalt learn that Lemuria perished of fire from out the interplanetary depths. So one cycle of mankind dieth of fire, and the next of water. And again, the next [our cycle that is terminating] dieth of fire. The races of Earth today shall come, afar off as is yet that day, to perish of fire, and the Earth be blasted and rolled together as a scroll, find thou its prophecy in the second Book of Peter III:10.

[Phylos's use of “fire from out the interplanetary depths” probably refers to “fire” in all of its elemental forms (3653-1 above) from the Sun because “interplanetary” denotes the space between the planets. For example, “One of the main components of this space is the solar wind.” (See Bakich, M., 2000, The Cambridge Planetary Handbook, Cambridge University Press, p. 323.)]

The impending, age-ending fire. The age-ending type of fire is mentioned in three places in Phylos's book-ending prediction, “The Mighty Cap-Stone.”

The Division of the Way Hath Come; the Midnight Hour of the Cycle Which, More Than Any Other, Formed Life's Great Divide; Hath Struck. When first I dictated for this book there lacked, as it were, yet a few seconds to the closing of the Sixth Day. But now for some seconds hath been fulfilled the initiation of that saying of Him who sitteth upon the throne: “Behold! I make all things new.” The Hour hath struck. And now, presently “the one overcoming shall inherit all things and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.” This is for those who did set their hands to the Plow, and their feet to the Furrow, and looked not back, while the Sixth Cycle was. “But as for the cowards (a halt between two opinions) and the unbelievers (in aught above earthly, finite things) and the abominable, and takers of life, and passion and lust-servers, sorcerers, idolaters and swervers from truth, their portion is the (Great Karma of the World) second death.”

While the foolish ones were gone to buy oil, the bridegroom came, and they who prepared entered in with him to the feast, and the door was shut. When the foolish returned the door was not opened unto them. Beloved, remember these words which were spoken by the apostles of the Christ; that they said that in the Last Time before the end of the Age “there will be mockers walking after their own impious lusts. These indeed blaspheme what things they do not understand; but that which they know naturally, as do the irrational animals, in these things they are corrupt. These are they who separate at the Dividing of the Way, going in the finite direction, not having the Spirit, and are placed as an example, to endure the retributive justice of an age-ending fire.”

Many have been my references to America as being Atlantis come again; much hath in a general way been said of the beginning, rise, growth and destruction of that ancient prototype; a hint hath been here and there given, rather by inference than by specific statement, that while America should be peer and even more than Atl [Atlantis], just because she is Atl returned on a higher plane, she must endure the woes as well as retrace her precarnate glories. The penalty visited upon Poseid [Poseidia in the Cayce readings] was the crowning sentence of that Age. Century after century in the majestic march of Time hath passed since the Sun looked down upon a wild waste of ocean waters where but a few days before had been the regal Island-Continent. Another cycle hath reached its end, and its last hour hath chimed. All that which is imperfect in the now-closed Sixth Day is come, in stately, measured, but inexorable way to face judgment by the standard, Truth. Spot nor blemish cannot hope to stand nor continue before it. Neither can aught be amended so as now to escape its karmic penalty, for the seal of its full time is set upon it. “The one acting unjustly, let him be unjust still; and the filthy one, let him be filthy still; and the righteous one, let him righteousness do still, and the holy one let him be holy still. Lo, I come speedily, and the reward of me is with me, to give back unto each one as the work of him shall be found.” The Great Karma unfailingly setteth each evildoer back to the point attained ere the animal forces in riot obtained control over the human.

Wherefore those in the Sixth Cycle lost supremacy over their lower selves won no place in the Seventh. In the closing years of the spent cycle one deserted his helpless wife; verily, he really deserted his birthright in the New Age. Another sought, being weak-willed, to drown his worries in wine; he but drowned his soul's advanced merits. A wife was faithless to her wedding vows; the Door of the New Time is fast against her. A thief stole what? His own life's rewards. One there was who deprived another of physical life; he also erased his own name from TODAY'S roll call. One swore to keep a vow but broke it often; in this New Day, after the grave shall claim his physical being, he shall not again awaken, having lacked will to live. A man was buried with high honors who at merciless cost to his fellow men enriched his bank account; a gravestone near as costly as pure gold rears above his mortal, aye, and under it is also the dead hopes of resurrection. She sold her body; purchased and purchaser form an unhallowed company in Yesterday's catacombs, whence they shall not emerge to see the light of Today until, cycles afar hence “death and hell give up” their inhabitants. Such is a brief glimpse into a Closed Record.

Turn the page. Another did deeds of love; love and doers thereof live through all the days, forever. One smiled when a smile was heroic and cheered faint souls; one visited the sick and prisoners; one clothed a naked stranger; and one gave half of her last crust to a starving dog. Verily, all these shall receive their reward in the Day now dawning. The bad are not all bad, neither are the good wholly good. She who lived a life of shame, yet ever kept hope of better things burning in her inmost heart, and longed for death to release her, since man would not:

“Looked beyond the shadow of the late unhallowed years,
To the far, far distant upland, when yon' glimmering light appears.”

Verily, she shall be chastened, and made new, in the glory of Today; but the chastening is a weary ordeal, and slow. As the Great Karma handles her, so handleth it all others, for it is Christ's mercy, which heals every soul's hurt.

During many, many centuries prophecy hath looked forward to the end of the Age as a time of awful woe, and has pictured dread scenes of terminal horror. Am I come to say that all these predictions shall fail? Is the book of the Apocalypse mere allegory? Would [that] it were! But as the Poseid age was stricken, this one must also be which has just passed. Shall America, the Glorious, together with the rest of the world, meet similar woe? Alas, worse, though not by water butby fire. Shall all be wiped out of existence, leaving a planet in ruins? Unto the end of full obedience and the coming into harmony with divine law shall the lash be applied; words may not portray the scenes. This is the Message of the End of the Age:

“The day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come nigh” – Isaiah.

“Behold, the day….that burneth as an oven.” – Malachi.

The Hour hath struck. And yet in all of this there is no mystery, no supernatural penalty, no capricious infliction by an offended personal God, and nothing of “man's necessity, God's opportunity.” It is all of man's own doing. He hath wandered from the way, and hath for the God-nature in him, which he should have revered and nourished, substituted worship of Self and of Mammon; hath cast out Love, and placed violence, lust, greed and all the riotous animalism in him in command of his life. Man is his own judge and executioner.

Man is the type and the universe is the print. Nature patterns after Man, not Man after Nature. He, a being of free-will, hath brought all coming woes of judgment to be inevitable; he must endure, as he hath sown, so must he reap. O Man! Forgetter of Love, of Mercy, of Right; breeder of Hate, of Cruelty, and of inhumanity that hath and still doth make countless millions mourn, is it possible that thou hast been blind to the handwriting on the wall? Alas, yes, thou hast! Rampant is the Spirit of selfishness, of greed, of merciless gain; its hand guides the trains and steamers, clicks the telegraph keys, operates the telephone cables, makes a mockery of free speech, shackles the press so that it dares to utter only that which cannot offend its master; every human enterprise, all national policies and international committees, all things, even the churches, are willing vassals to this fiend, SELF. What then? Ruin is on all sides, the human race and all lower creatures its victims. Masons at work on a high wall shout as a brick falls: “Stand from under!”

Aye, stand from under! A world is falling! Pile no higher the racial and individual misdeeds now biding expiation; weary enough the awful reckoning of the Great karma without additions to its terrible length that even now stretches ahead, a seeming eternity. Frenzied millions of men and women, boys and girls, no longer free save in name, are menaced with starvation. Hungry, cold, half-clothed, shelterless only too often denied the chance to work, however willing they may be, corporation-owned machinery their competitor; monopoly and trust-ridden, sleeping or waking. This inhuman picture is the rule, not the exception. Thou knowest this full well. I state nothing new in this regard, and the awful facts are underdrawn instead of exaggerated.

All of this, although in far, far less degree, has been so at the ending of every age, was so in Poseid and is therefore now repeated. But it can never be so again after this, for HERE THE WAY DIVIDES. Poseid survived; so also shall they of the Sixth Age. In the full time byfire the Reaper shall reap, and no place be found for physical safety by the unchanged of heart. But the time of it shall be foreshortened, else no flesh could remain alive.

Stand from under! The roar of armed hosts must succeed the thunderous mutterings of the times. No more is there any chance to prevent the coming retribution (albeit it may seem unduly deferred).

[Phylos is probably referring, at least in part, to a delay in the pole shift and Earth changes predicted in the Cayce readings.]

Too late is it to even modify the result of that Spirit whose hand sways the helm. A short but sharp conflict, sanguinary past belief, even now reddens on the horizon. The trained armies, millions of men active or in reserve, that are now engaged in conquest, fevered with war, will but little longer, comparatively, submit to having themselves and loved ones ground under the heel and strangled by the hand of that organized thing, Capital, which, itself merely the natural fruit of selfishness, none the less is a riotous animal principle, compelling the few to be masters of the many, denying the God-born declaration that all men are created free and equal, and warping it to seem a giant lie.

Soon millions of trained soldiers will turn upon the visible representatives, the wealthy and worldly prosperous, who in reality are not more responsible than will be their assailants, of that Relentless Force behind all human enterprise. Later they will break up into lawless bands bent on satisfying Ishmaelitish tendencies, each self-server's hand weaponed against his fellow creatures. Then will the pent-up hate, the savagery and selfishness ruled by unbridled animalism break in a storm such as the world hath never yet seen, no, not during all the ages I scan, ages forgotten for untold thousands of years.

That loveless conflict will initiate that which, Nature completing, will leave living but one where now there are many. Hard and fast after the conflict will come pestilences unparalled, sweeping the wide Earth over, for in that day none will pause to bury the slain until the evil is wrought, nor then, for the dead of the plagues will be as thousands for every one by violence.

And all this because the love that should grace and soften men's hearts, each for all and all for each, dried up and became a mockery in the close of the ended cycle, leaving but scattered oases, few and far between.

Nature follows man. Wherefore the waters of Earth will dry out, rains will be withheld, cyclones sweep, and an earthquake come such as was not seen since a man was on the Earth; aye, I am mindful of Poseid.

[The great earthquake referred to could well mark the beginning of a sudden pole shift, as per Cayce reading 3976-15, given by archangel Halaliel in 1934.]

But all this will occur only through natural causes, and in consonance with the selfishness, lust, greed, anger, and general depravity of the Type. As these blaze in the human breast, so shall the air, dry and vaporless under brazen skies, develop solar heats more fierce than history ever knew. A parched earth, furnace-like, piling all flesh mountains high; pestilences stalking unchecked. O ye! Blind to the handwriting on the wall, which flickers still, though writ for a spent cycle. Turn now and read, while yet the last midnight stroke reverberates.

[Note the present situation in which southeastern China, Australia, Europe, and western America are all experiencing severe heat waves, forest fires, and droughts. “Europe is aflame,” says the headline of a BBC News On-Line article (7/30/03). “Killer Heat Wave A Sign Of Blistering Times Ahead'” cries the Sydney Morning Herald (8/16/03. “Heat Wave May Have Killed 10,000, French Official Says,” reports The Virginian Pilot.]

The disciples asked the Great Master, saying: “Teacher, when will these things be? And He said: “….when you see surrounded by encampments the Jerusalem, then you may know that has come near the desolation….For days of vengeance these are, to be fulfilled of all the judgments.”

Friends, know ye the meaning of the name Jerusalem? That it meanith 'Vision of Peace''? Verily, so it doth. One by one during the years all the signs of the end of the Age but one were fulfilled; but these were 'only the beginning of sorrows,' for still the Spirit of Liberty abode here and there in the breasts of lovers of their fellowmen. The Spirit wrapped itself in the glorious folds of the Stars and Stripes and proclaimed the imperishable declaration of human equality, granting unto all that freedom which Americans for themselves demanded. But now the 'Vision of Peace' is finally encompassed by armies, the last gap being filled with blue-coated soldiers forcing Mammon's commercial shackles upon alien peoples in tropical islands... 'Then shall the end come.' A Son hath continually called from on High: 'Stand from under! Get into the shelter of that Cross:'

In all the expiatory time must indeed those who thought no wrong suffer? Ah, thought no wrong. In every life, whether theist's, atheist's or merely one ignorant of any doctrine of belief, there comes a time when the inward Spirit beseeches the soul to go higher. It pleads again and again and yet so long as the faintest hope remains. Omission too, hath its penalty: “How shall we escape it we neglect so great a salvation?” echoed throughout the past Age. Fire burns a babe's fingers as badly as it does an adult's. There were and are those who lived and live the Cross. These shall not suffer, not even though bodily death overtake them; they have no Karma to expiate.

What is the Cross? What is the Christ? I have said, long ago, but I will re-state it: the Divine stream of Life, the Indefinable God, that is the long arm of the Living Cross. Directed, purposed Human Will is the short arm. This will power is our call upon His Name that is never denied. Jesus, the Man of Nazareth, gave us pattern. He sacrificed self for us. He said: “Follow me.” Also, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.”

This self is the lower self; it is the animal. All animals are in man concreted. No hyena is so treacherous, no tiger so ferocious, no hog so brutish, no weasel so destructive; no animal creature of any sort is so perfect in its own peculiar nature as is the man who suffers any or all of these animal characteristics within him to run riot; and this is because his human soul is enslaved to the animal. Animal is only force undirected, whether it exist in a body or not. Directed, guided by will, it ceaseth to be animal.

But in yielding to that guidance it must give up its free lawlessness, something never pleasant and often painful. It is sacrifice, always. Its symbol is the Cross. He sacrificed self for us on this same cross of the Causeless, Divine Stream which containeth all things and floweth no man knoweth whence or whither.

I would not minimize Calvary; it is very real and the one great fact forever! “Follow me.” On that same Cross, day by day, aye moment by moment, employing our wills, as He directed, that we may grow unto His likeness, we also, following, must sacrifice self, sacrifice the animal in us, that is, in God's service we must never cease to direct those vagrant forces which in running riot turn the Earth into a veritable hell and supplant Love with Self.

It is written that “a little child shall lead them.” Verily the “little child” of the Spirit in the New Time shall be ruler over the menagerie within the man, shall therefore be able to rule any animal outside of himself. A vast power, this. And because of it in the New Time no longer shall any beast, whether in human form, or in lower animal body, or merely apparent as a raging tempest or a disease, be free to do evil.

When the Spirit in Man cometh fully to its own, “he shall rule them as with a rod of iron,” this riotous throng. Rule them to their own good; cut them off suddenly. He shall destroy that theretofore unbridled animal, by the Cross converting it into a servitor to the Father. All things must become new TODAY, because conditions will soon so differ that they who would hold fast to the old will find nothing in Nature or elsewhere that will longer yield to the old powers.

And now here, of all places, I would indeed not be vague in expression. The Seventh Cycle is that of the Spirit. TODAY existence will demand a spiritual eye, and ear, and that every sense be raised to the Heights. The very means of dealing with Nature will be no longer gross, but become as in Hesperus [Phylos's name for the planet Venus], manageable only by those who, using the Cross in their every life-act, swerve never to either side of the way, never, either in least or greatest deed doing error, even that good may come, knowing that it can not bring aught but pain and penalty. Not one can be lost, finally, of the evildoers, for God wastes nothing. He converts all things from lower into higher, inexorably, surely. Some must endure to retributive justice of the Great Karma, aye, the majority must experience more or less of this fireof transfiguration; the wrath of God is love's severity.

Then will be those times when “all things will be made new.” What now, think ye? Shall not America, and the rest of the world, be more glorious than ever thou hast dreampt? Aye, truly. She shall not indeed have the great population census-takers imagine. There shall be few where there are many; tens replacing thousands. But not in numbers is there greatness of magnificence. Yet never shall a soul be lost; God hath place for everyone.

It is written that after a thousand years Satan shall be loosed for a little season. That is well. For the Race possessing such amazing powers, though few, will be the people, yet there will be some who will have attained these powers through mere intellect; they will abuse their privileges, having not the Spirit, and these sinful ones will the Perfect in Evil assail, that karma shall overtake them. Having had so much given unto them, of them shall much be demanded, wherefore their karmic atonement will be more intense than words can depict.

The wrath of God is love's severity. All shall be converted from lower into higher.

“Mammon's Commercial Shackles”

Now before going any further, let's briefly revisit the following provocative statement by Phylos, as found in his discourse above.

One by one during the years all the signs of the end of the Age but one were fulfilled; but these were 'only the beginning of sorrows,' for still the Spirit of Liberty abode here and there in the breasts of lovers of their fellowmen. The Spirit wrapped itself in the glorious folds of the Stars and Stripes and proclaimed the imperishable declaration of human equality, granting unto all that freedom which Americans for themselves demanded. But now the 'Vision of Peace' is finally encompassed by armies, the last gap being filled with blue-coated soldiers forcing Mammon's commercial shackles upon alien peoples in tropical islands...

I wrote about the sentence set in bold above in an earlier article, “Will Pole Shift and Solar Heats End The Present Cycle?” Note that the commercialism mentioned previously by Phylos is by its very nature rooted in the belief that the discoveries of researchers and inventors in the external world are capable of providing products that meet all the needs of people, but leaving aside any consideration of Man's inner needs. Commercialism is a symptom of lack of faith, or a lack of any belief in something higher – something every bit as important and needful of humanity as the commercial stuff of the world. This realization brings us back to the warning of reading 5148-2.

What is needed most in the earth today? That the sons of men be warned that the day of the Lord is near at hand, and that those who have been and are unfaithful must meet themselves in those things which come to pass in their experience.

The karmic warning about men “meeting themselves” is little different from Phylos's, “Man is his own judge and executioner.”

Now Phylos's use of the term “commercial shackles” goes a step further. Here, the “commercial” emphasis is on excessive profit, to the detriment of exploited peoples. For today's world situation, it would seem that Phylos's "blue-coated soldiers" refers to businessmen, and that the "alien peoples in tropical islands" refers primarily to the inhabitants of southeast Asia. The "commercial shackles" forced upon these peoples could in part be the servitude, the often prison-like working conditions, and the minuscule wages experienced by laborers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia. The American Press has documented these conditions. One article, entitled "Asian Labor: Wages of Shame", is headlined, "Western Firms Help To Exploit Brutal Conditions." Children are often the only wage earners in some areas of southeast Asia because adult workers have been laid off in favor of children, who are infinitely more exploitable and provide larger profits for wealthy factory owners and their stockholders worldwide.

In an article entitled “U.S. Trained Butchers of Timor” (The Guardian, 9/19/99) we read,

Indonesian military forces linked to the carnage in East Timor were trained in the United States under a covert program sponsored by the Clinton Administration which continued until 1998….Amnesty International's East Timor country specialist, Deborah Sklar, traces the [Suharto] regime's ‘over-reliance on thuggish military operations' as being due to the demands of the foreign investment community and even the World Bank. She cites a blueprint called The East Asian Miracle, written by US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers [now President of Harvard University], in which he urges governments to ‘insulate' themselves from 'pluralist pressures' and to suppress trade unions.. This, she says, became a primary Kopassus role during the years of training by the U. S.” [Kopassus was an elite Indonesian army force built up with American expertise despite U.S. awareness of its role in the genocide of about 200,000 people in the years after the invasion of East Timor in 1975.]

More recently, in the New York Times of March 6, 2001, Abigail Abrash has used reports of recent bloody fighting on the Indonesian island of Borneo to detail the failed economic and social policies that Indonesia, with American support, has followed far too long. She states, in part:

The American State Department's annual report on human rights, released last month, charged that the Indonesian government had “used its authority, and at times intimidation, to appropriate land for development projects, particularly in areas claimed by indigenous people, and often without fair compensation.” It further stated, “When indigenous people clash with private-sector development projects, the developers almost always prevail.”

Indonesia's military plays a critical role in the economy, relying on its private business interests for an estimated two-thirds of its annual budget. The military has not hesitated to acquire and protect its own and others' assets by force. [Emphasis added]. A lieutenant commander of Indonesia's elite American-trained special forces described for a human-rights investigator in 1998 what role the military played in establishing and protecting natural-resource operations and other development projects. “The military is here to make sure that investors can come in.”

When Asian markets crashed in 1997, Indonesia's currency lost much of its value, and the state utility, not surprisingly, was bankrupted. American and other foreign investors, or their insurers, demanded payment. American ambassador Roger Gelbard, the federal Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and others placed enormous pressure on Indonesia to pay up at precisely the time when its economy had been devastated and the country was just emerging from 30 years of military rule. In context, such a policy of putting American corporate interests first is inherently destabilizing.

The foregoing material certainly comports well with Phylos's end-of-the-age sign of commercial shackles placed upon the alien peoples of tropical islands, and indicates clearly the complicity of America in this tragedy. And who would have thought that such a sign of Age-ending fire would ever come to pass when it was first published in 1894? But that is exactly what happened. And note too that Phylos concludes his description of the Mammon's-commercial-shackles sign with, “Then shall the end come.”

The end of the Age, or sixth cycle, is what is about to come.

A Cayce Reading of Relevance

The following Cayce “life reading” explains what's wrong with capitalism, in the final analysis. And it clarifies what is happening this summer in the Solomon Islands, as reported just below the reading.

The entity was among the Persians who were gradually taken over in part, yet the entity NEVER was among those who became submissive to, or who joined in the activities in the "city in the hills and the plains," but was one who ... was of that CULT as would be termed of the capitalistic nature today; hence, might made right (in its final analysis).


Cayce's source for 2381-1 certainly agrees with Phylos the Tibetan on the matter of Capital being the natural fruit of selfishness and a riotous animal principle, compelling the few to be masters of the many.

This Summer's “Blue-Coated Soldiers” (Police) Enforce
Asset Rape Of Alien Lands In Tropical Islands

While I was writing this article I was astounded to read the following piece by Harry Mason, from of August 1, 2003. Mason writes:

Interestingly, Australia and New Zealand have just landed a +2000-strong military task force ("with police") from an Aussie naval flotilla in the Solomon Islands to conduct a little "peace intervention". It is not a UN operation and is said to be designed to help the islanders re-establish law, order, and thus peace - allegedly at the request of "all" the inhabitants...

Well possibly not quite all - since there are some native rebel groups on Guadalcanal that have taken up arms to stop their land and natural resources being stolen, their women being raped, and their villages being burned to the ground by a corrupt police force operating in cahoots with a "militia" organization - allegedly at the behest of their Prime Minister.

Most of the Solomon killing and fighting was a couple of years ago but now it's died down our ANZAC boys have been sent in. Apparently the Solomon Islands economy is near collapse and they have "only now ALL decided to ask us for help". The rebels claim their Prime Minister asked for our help since he could not subdue them ???

In reality it is possibly only now since the nearby island of Bougainville has only recently been bought back under control - after years of armed insurrection - with the Bougainville rebels having been originally supplied via and from the Solomons with funding from international sources. Bougainville is host to a giant porphyry copper-gold mine. It was there that yet another Australian-New Zealand military force recently bought them "peace" - after years of rebel insurrection by the islanders against the corrupt resource grabbing central New Guinea government, who took the income from the mine production, but gave nothing back to the islanders, and as usual for New Guinea, did nothing to prevent severe mining environmental damage to what was previously a paradise.

Just up the road to the northwest you have the Lihir Island epithermal gold deposit - the largest of its type in the world - discovered in the last decade. It rivals some of the South African Rand gold mines for reserves and grade. Several similar discoveries are rumored to have been made along the Solomon Islands chain - just prior to the recent internal strife there. One smaller gold mine was in operation when the rebellion broke out. Apparently there are also newly discovered offshore oil fields in the adjacent waters.

One could be forgiven for treating the latest round of "peace intervention spin" with some sceptitude - given the as usual mix of assets that are present there!!!

I say "as usual" since East Timor was about offshore oil and gas and vesting control from Indonesia, whilst Bougainville was about regaining control of a huge gold and copper resource. New Guinea is an economic basket case due to years of rape by western mining companies who have effectively controlled that particular government by the usual graft and corruption to the point of having them pass laws preventing their citizens from taking legal action against mining environmental damage in the offshore international arena. Whilst we know Afghanistan was about opium and oil pipelines, whilst Iraq is about oil, oil and yet more oil.

Our world still runs on geo-political asset rape - even though they have dreamt up a more palatable public spin.

Upon reading this piece, I wrote to Mr. Mason to ask what he knew about the color of the uniforms being worn by the joint expeditionary force; specifically, whether or not its uniforms were blue. He wrote back, as follows:

As seen on our OZ [Australian] TV their uniform colors are typical army = khaki-green camouflage, navy = blue-white, and police = dark blue with white shirts. Because this is said to be a "Police Project" in that the ANZAC military are there purely to reinforce ANZAC police and establish law and order, thus peace, it could be said to be a blue-uniform operation.

It seems clear that Phylos's final signs of the end of the Age are being played out in this summer of 2003. I'm referring both to the “blue-coated soldiers” and to the “solar heats” signs that are now in evidence.

Now let's look at the third psychically-derived sign of Age-ending fire.

Including A Review of Father E. G. de Pesquera's Book

Have you heard of the messages given to four, 12- to 13-year-old girls by the Virgin Mary in June 1962? I had seen a TV program in the 1960s about the apparitions of the Blessed Mother by the four girls in the hamlet of Garabandal in northern Spain. I was quite impressed at that time by the investigations of medical authorities as to the genuineness of the altered states of the girls as they went into sudden ecstasies while view apparitions of Virgin Mary. Nearly every examiner agreed that the girls were both physically and psychologically normal both before and after being in the ecstatic state.

The most complete account of the Garabandal events is found in She Went In Haste To The Mountain, by Capuchin Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera.2

As stated on the book jacket,

Everything about Garabandal is of monumental proportions: the incredible ecstasies of the [girl] visionaries with phenomena never seen before in Marian apparitions; visions that number in the hundreds if not the thousands and lasted for four years; messages of the utmost importance and great prophesied events that are destined to affect the entire world.

One of the many photographs from de Pesquera's book. This shows the four visionaries in ecstasy, sometime in 1961. Left to right are: Mari Loli, Conchita, Jacinta, and Mary Cruz.

Father de Pesquera's book reveals his careful attention to every detail of the Garabandal phenomena. The reader develops a sense of trust in his impartial handling of original reports and documents. His careful work with eyewitness testimonies lends further credence to the overall narrative. Several excerpts are cited below. Some sixteen pages of photographs cover the critical 1961-1962 initial period of the apparitions. Here is one of the photographs from the book that conveys the feeling of the ecstasy phenomenon.

If I had one wish for this book it would be that the editors had included a detailed index. One often mulls over this or that bit of information, often something remembered only as residing in one of the extensive and lengthy footnotes. It is difficult to return to the information when the only “index” to the 662-page book consists of 27 headings in the table of contents.

Without going into the background of this fascinating story, I'll turn directly to the visionary episode relevant to a forthcoming, Age-ending fire. The night of June 19, 1962, marks the first of two “nights of the screams.” I'll review excerpts now from pages 410-413 of de Pesquera's book:

The holy fear of God was experienced as never before by the men and women of Garabandal on the two nights of the screams. Months later, the memory of it was still vivid. On September 24th, Maria Herrero de Gallardo wrote from Santander to her sister, Menchu:

“I spent a long time speaking alone with Jacinta's mother, and she told me that the night before Corpus Christi had been terrifying….The girls ran to the Cuadro. Afterwards they advised the people that they should approach no further than a certain distance, that they shouldn't go beyond a place in the road from which the girls couldn't be seen.

“Jacinta's mother told me that she heard them cry with such voices and such horror that she wanted to run toward her daughter to see what was happening; but the people held her back. When the vision ended the girls came to the place where the people were, and the people saw that the girls were covered with tears. The girls requested the whole village to confess and receive Communion as a horrible thing was going to happen. Maria (the mother of Jacinta) experienced such fright that she couldn't sleep.”

Here then is a report of the vision, signed by the visionary Loli:

In spite of seeing the Virgin (during the night of the screams) we began to see a great multitude of people who were suffering intensely, and screaming with tremendous fear….

The Most Holy Virgin explained to us that this great tribulation – which was not the Chastisement – would come because a time would arrive when the Church would give the impression of being on the point of perishing….It would pass through a terrible test. We asked the Virgin what the great test was called and she told us that it was Communism.

Then she showed us how the great Chastisement for all mankind would come, and that it would come directly from God….

[This certainly sounds like the Chastisement is predetermined, although we may infer from other visionary reports that its realization is actually conditional, “if humanity will only change.”]

There will come a time when all motors and machines will stop; a terrible wave of heat will strike the Earth and men will begin to feel a great thirst.

[This statement does not agree with the video-tape presentation, which casts the stopping of motors and machines as a time of “suspension” of all activity in connection with the Warning (see the text under subheading “Warning.”]

In desperation they will seek water, but this will evaporate from the heat….Then almost everyone will despair and they will seek to kill one another…But they will lose their strength and fall to the earth. Then it will be understood that it is God alone who has permitted this.

Then we saw a crowd in the midst of flames. The people ran to hurl themselves into the lakes and seas. But the water seemed to boil and in place of putting out the flames, it seemed to enkindle them even more.

It was so horrible that I asked the Most Holy Virgin to take all the young children with her before this happened. But the Virgin told us that when it would come, they would all be adults.

And so, Loli, one of the four visionaries, reveals something of the same age-ending fire mentioned both by Phylos, and also by Cayce's source for reading 3653-1. Did any of the other girls confirm Loli's story? Yes, Conchita González did.

Roughly three years later, thinking that Conchita was about to depart Garabandal to enter a convent, a Fr. Laffineur arranged a trip to Spain to obtain certain clarifications from her relative to her ecstatic visions. The meeting took place in Torrelavega on September 8, 1965. Fr. Laffineur had taken some travel companions with him who served as witnesses. At Conchita's side was her mother Aniceta. Laffineur submitted 45 questions to Conchita and carefully recorded her answers. Some of these have been published, but a number have been reserved for the future. Many of the published answers are found in de Pesquera's book (p. 625). Perhaps the single most interesting answer provided by Conchita, and relevant to our present commentary, is this one.

After Paul VI, there remain only two popes. Following that, the “end of the times,” which is not the same as the “end of the world.” I do not understand this well, but the Virgin told it to me like this.3

Thus, sometime just after the death of the present pope, the end of our Age will have arrived.

Then, on September 14, there was another meeting with Conchita, this time with American questioners. Questions were submitted in writing, and Conchita answered them in writing.

Please tell us what you can about the Chastisement, and what will be felt when it is seen. The Chastisement, if we do not change, will be horrible. Loli, Jacinta and I have seen it; but I'm not able to say in what it consists, since I don't have permission from the Virgin. When I saw it, I felt a tremendous terror, in spite of seeing the Virgin at the same time in all her beauty and indescribable goodness!

There are many answers from Conchita that contain important prophetic information. I will just complete the story of the visions by mentioning the last one, given on June 18, 1965, to Conchita alone. The message of this last vision from the Blessed Mother was given by means of Archangel St. Michael. It was the archangel who Conchita heard speaking, and the essence of Mary's message may be paraphrased as follows:

As my message of October 18, 1961 has not been fulfilled, and because little has been done to make it known, I tell you that this is the last message. Before, the cup [of man's sinfulness] was filling up, now it is flowing over. Many Cardinals, many Bishops, and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from you. If you ask forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will forgive you. You are now receiving the last warnings.

Great Prophesies From The Garabandal Visions

The visionary data from the entire Garabandal phenomenon are woven together in a video narrative4 entitled, “The Message of Garabandal,” (Also, web sites describing the happenings can be found readily by entering “Garabandal” into search engines like Google.)

To complete this section, I will now relate the important prophecies given on June 18, 1965, to Conchita, through the aid of St. Michael. I have blended these urgent messages together from information in the video tape and from de Pesquera's book.

A trilogy of Garabandal prophecies involves a warning, a miracle, and a chastisement. Together, they refer to the final act of the great drama of the sixth cycle. To most Catholics, and to many non-Catholics alike, what happened at Garabandal, as perceived through a great mass of detail, is “a careful intervention by God to aid us in these difficult hours for the Church and the world” (de Pesquera, p. 642). With such a purpose, God has placed in front of us by the phenomena of Garabandal 1) a new Marian epiphany, 2) a call for greater devotion to the Eucharist, and 3) a prediction of approaching eschatological-like times.

The Warning. First will come the warning. It will be seen in the sky and felt within by everyone on Earth. No one will escape it. At a moment that is very near, when the world is in the midst of a great turmoil, everything will be held in suspension. Everyone will see the wrong that he has done, and the good that he has failed to do. It will be extremely painful. People will prefer to die rather than to go through it. But no one will suffer physical harm. This warning will serve as a purification to correct the conscience of the world, and to prepare it for the great miracle.

The Miracle. A miracle will take placein a grove of nine pine trees on a hill overlooking Garabandal. It will occur on a Thursday evening at 8:30 p.m., on or between the 8th or the 16th of March, April, or May. Conchita knows the date5 and will announce it eight days in advance. It will coincide with a great ecclesiastical event in the Church.

All those on the surrounding hills and mountains, or in the village, will see the miracle. The sick that are present will be healed, sinners will be converted, and the incredulous will believe. It will be the greatest miracle that Jesus will ever have performed for the world. [It comes as no surprise to those familiar with the Cayce readings that Virgin Mary and the Master would be closely involved with the realization of the miracle, She announcing it and He performing it. Consider reading 5749-8:

Q) Is the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church that Mary was without original sin from the moment of her conception in the womb of Ann, correct?
A) It would be correct in ANY case. Correct more in this. For, as for the material teachings of that just referred to, you see: In the beginning Mary was the twin-soul of the Master in the entrance into the Earth!

As a result of the miracle, Russia will be converted. After the miracle, a permanent, physical yet supernatural sign will remain in the pines until the end of time. One of the questions that the Americans asked Conchita was,

Could you explain the sign that will remain at the Pines after the miracle? It is a sign that will remain forever. It will be able to be photographed, televised, seen; but it will not be able to be touched. It will be evident that it isn't a thing of this world, but of God. (From E. de Pesquera, 2003, p. 629.)

The Chastisement. If, after the miracle, the world still does not change, then God will send a chastisement. It will be far worse than anything that man could bring upon himself and will be in keeping with what he deserves for his crimes.


Many prophetic signs indicate that we human beings are very soon to suffer the penalties and/or reap the rewards of individual and collective past actions. As individuals, each of us must “go into his own house” and look for the guidance he or she requires to deal spiritually with personal situations at this juncture of time, space, and patience. There is no general prescription for all to follow, but in the process of sincerely seeking for one's individual salvation one will find what one needs.

By covering the prophecies given in this article it was not my goal to increase excitement, tension, or concern. Thus, I was not attempting to induce a desire for repentance or commitment. At the same time, if and when any of the above predictions become evident we can perhaps better understand their full import. I think that the following words.”6 provide a proper perspective on one's encounter with the prophecies promulgated by way of Phylos and the girls of Garabandal.

A religionist believes that belief is the greatest thing there is. But a Sufi asserts that belief is a substitute for knowledge: If you know, you do not have to believe. A fact needs no conversion mechanism.Remember that the ‘unsung hero' is the one who does something because of the knowledge that it is the thing to do, the one who gets no publicity. The acclaimed one is whoever does something because of a deeply implanted belief. The interesting thing is that the implanter does not trust belief: he has to induce it. He cannot believe that people can be or do anything from knowledge; they have to be made to do something. And the mechanism of effecting this is an assault upon their minds.

It was gratifying in this respect to read de Pesquera's evaluation of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal. In the epilogue to his classic book he says (p. 642):

A descending scale of credibility [of the Garabandal phenomena] can be noticed:

  1. The facts– the phenomena that were definite facts and could be proven and were proven from observation by irreproachable witnesses.

  2. The joint statements– the statements or declarations in which the visionaries agreed.

  3. The individual statements– the statements or predictions due to one visionary alone.

In the last case, it is necessary to proceed with great caution and discretion; since, unfortunately, not all – or even a single one – of the seers [girls] have shown themselves to be completely trustworthy.

Moving back to the Garabandal drama itself, de Pesquera's asks, “Since November 13th, 1965, has Garabandal completely ended? Or does it remain only temporarily interrupted? His answer (p. 642) is quite similar to the one most of us would have with respect to the anticipated occurrence of the pole shift and Earth changes predictions of the Cayce readings. See if you don't agree.

Garabandal is an event of enormous proportion, which is unfolding in three stages.

  • The first stage, with a personal and local imprint; the time of marvels and astounding communications, the time already experienced, which ended on November 13th [1965]. [Similar to the time when Edgar Cayce was alive and giving readings.]

  • A second stage, of intermission, with matters suspended: a period of pruning and purification. This is what we are experiencing now, with its disillusions, expectations, falling away.

  • A third stage, which we await, that will bring to light many things and fulfill the prophecies of universal reach: the Warning, the Miracle, the Chastisement. [As well as the pole-shift and Earth changes, the opening of the Hall of Records, the rising of parts of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the return of the Messiah, we would add.]




Signs of the end of the Sixth Cycle are all about us. At this moment in time, a fiery end to our Age seems to be coming slowly, like fog, “on little cat feet.” (Thank you Walt Whitman.) But we feel it coming. It seems agonizingly clear that we may soon experience something like the Garabandal Warning, or a Phylos-visioned worldwide drought caused by solar heats, or the beginning of the pole shift predicted in the Cayce readings by archangel Halaliel. It is also clear that if humanity does not respond positively to the urgent warnings communicated from high souls over the last 120 years or so, most human beings will be sudden candidates for reincarnation in one or more of the preceding cycles. Or to quote Phylos, “The Great Karma unfailingly setteth each evildoer back to the point attained ere the animal forces in riot obtained control over the human.” As always, humanity has the knowledge needed to make work the dictum, “I am my brother's keeper.” What is needed is exercise of our minds and wills to use that knowledge at the personal, local, and national levels. Success in our efforts, however, begins first at the personal level, and requires the use of our will. And as stated in Cayce reading 531-3:

For every soul has the stamp of its Creator. But if that soul does the fruits of evil, the stamp MUST become smeared, blurry – and the end is fearful!

Our will is a Divine attribute: how we use it determines our destiny. Each soul is an offspring of Creative Force, of God, and is innately the result of the manner in which it has manifested the perogative of WILL.7

  1. Hutton's copy of Phylos's book was published in 1952 by Borden Publishing Company, Los Angeles. The book is not copyrighted and, in 1995, the publisher, Joe Campbell, told Hutton that it is in the public domain. Various people have sent me letters questioning the validity of Phylos's book. But I think his statement in the text about “blue-coated soldiers forcing Mammon's commercial shackles upon alien peoples in tropical islands,” is so on-the-mark that it gives the lie to their criticism. And the critics of Phylos's statements (1955 edition, pp. 176-177) about the youthful origin of the Grand Canyon must now consider that geologists have recently (2002) determined that the Inner Gorge is really a giant slot canyon cut down much later than once thought. When Phylos was an Atlantean flying craft 12,000 years ago, he noted that he saw Lake Miti before it “fled away into Ixla (Gulf of California).” Now read the article by Ed Stiles of 18 July 2002, titled “New Evidence of Lava Dam Failure and Fault Activity Supports Theory That Grand Canyon is Geologic Infant.”

  2. Published in Spain in 1972, and in English in 1981 by St. Joseph Publications, Cleveland, OH, 662 pp.; ISBN No. 0-9604310-7-1. The 2003 edition of the book that I will cite is published by The Workers of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, P.O. Box 606, Lindenhurst, New York 11757

  3. In early June 1963, Conchita stunned her listeners with a prediction that after Pope John 23rd, there will be only three more popes and then it will be the end of our time, but not the end of the world. The current pope, Pope John Paul II, is that third pope. (Pope John 23rd died June 23, 1963. After him came Pope Paul VI who reigned 1963-1978. Pope John Paul I reigned only 34 days in 1978, and Pope John Paul II is alive today, August 21, 2003.)

  4. This prediction transmitted by Conchita is unfortunately somewhat incompletely or incorrectly stated in John Van Auken's book, “The End Times” (A.R.E. Press, 1994). On p. 156, Van Auken writes “The Blessed Virgin said in 1962 that there will be only two more Popes after Paul VI. But this does not mean that the world will come to an end.” This italicized sentence does not agree with the words used by Conchita, as so carefully researched and presented (on p. 625) in de Pesquera's book. (Van Auken gives no sources for his 38-page chapter on messages from the Holy Mother.)

  5. Available from The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, P.O. Box 606, Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0606. The video is 54 minutes long.

  6. In another video (1980) available from The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and titled, “Garabandal After The Visions,” Conchita speaks of this date, which was given by Virgin Mary for her to keep inviolate until its time of release. A BBC interview with Conchita reveals her “hidden” life, and desire for anonymity. We are told however, that in 1980 she was living on Long Island with her husband and four children.

  7. The quote is from “The Commanding Self,” by Idries Shah (1994, Octagon Press, London, p. 231).

  8. Quoted from "A Search For God," Book II, A.R.E. Press, 1950, Virginia Beach, Virginia, p. 63.